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New Gamescom Trailer for Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog Reboot Sonic Boom Still Looks Awful

Quick! More fuel for the reboot machine!

Sega released another trailer for the Sonic the Hedgehog reboot Sonic Boom at Gamescom, and it looks pretty much like you’d have expected. Unless you were expecting it to look good, in which case you’ve likely got much larger problems than being wrong about this trailer.

I’d like to be perfectly clear: While I may joke about it, this is not, “Oh God, they’re rebooting a thing from my childhood. Kill it with fire.” It’s been a long time since Sonic has had a legitimately good video game, and the animated shows of my childhood, upon further inspection, are even worse than I remembered them.

Basically, I’d love a good Sonic reboot, but this just isn’t it. Maybe the reboot cartoon will be better, but the game looks like the same lacking translation of Sonic’s 2D gameplay to 3D as his other 3D games, which have been fine but not exactly something to get excited about. And I know the Wii U isn’t exactly the graphical powerhouse of the console race, but some of the scenes in the trailer look about two generations old—especially the part of the opening where Sonic is buried in chunks of blocky rubble straight out of Super Mario 64.

But hey, there’s a new villain, so maybe there’ll be some new and interesting story twist! Or he could just want to turn everything into robots. How did Eggman not know this other guy existed? It sounds like they should’ve been best buddies.

If you’re interested, there are some new images on Sega’s blog including art for Shadow, who’s been missing from the trailers so far.


I’ll admit that the trailer did get one genuine smile out of me when Tails suggested the new baddie just needs a hug, and I’m glad Sonic’s forehead no longer looks like it’s based on Cro-Magnon man, as it did in the first trailer:Screen-Shot-2014-02-06-at-4.04.00-PM-640x361

But mostly it still just looks (and sounds) like Sega has no idea how to gracefully bring their once-mighty video game mascot into the modern world. Meanwhile, Mario is probably swimming in his piles of money Scrooge McDuck-style and sarcastically texting Sonic about how he needs blast processing to count it all.

(via Sega)

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