Turn an Old Game Boy Into a Sweet Analogue Filter

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You love your old Game Boy, don’t you? That tank got you through good days and bad, served you for countless hours of Tetris and probably introduced you to your very first Pokémon. It’d be a shame to let it continue to languish in a shoebox in your closet, right? Well the guys at Works LTD. certainly think that’d be a shame, which is why they’ve launched a Kickstarter to fund their project that lets you turn your old Game Boy into a nifty analogue filter. What more nostalgic musical instrument could you ever want?

The process involves gutting the battery compartment and shoving a whole bunch of circuitry in there. After that, you slap a couple more buttons and dials on the outside and you’ve got yourself a filter. Since the battery compartment is the storage space, you need to use an adapter from there on out, but it’s probably a worthwhile trade. Presumably, this is all on top of traditional functionality, so get the same Game Boy goodness with tons of ways to mess with the audio.

So you’re in? You want this? Well, they need some more Kickstarter funding, but there are a bunch of options. For $90 they’ll send you a kit. For $160 they’ll take your Game Boy, (so long as it works) trick it out, and send it back. For $174 they’ll just up and send you a tricked out one. If you ask me, getting your own Game Boy tricked out is the only was to go about it, but I guess not everyone still has that thing lying around. In any event, this is definitely a cool little project, even if the price is a tad steep. I hope they get the money to pull this off. I’d love to see more console-instrument-things in the future.

Link to the Kickstarter page here.

(via Ubergizmo)

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