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Computers In Garry's Mod Play Their Own Games Inside Your Game

Garry’s Mod, the ever-popular physics sandbox, has become a playground for 2nd degree recursion: Games in your game. For the unfamiliar, Garry’s Mod is a modification for Half-Life 2‘s Source Engine that lets players play around with physics, NPCs, scripts, and pretty much anything else. Now, nearly 7 years after HL2‘s release, the Garry’s Mod community is still using it as a laboratory for their mad science.

The Facepunch (Garry’s Mod message board) members responsible for this particular experiement are Technicolour and Divran, who thought it would be cool to play other games inside of Garry’s Mod and what better way to do that than to emulate a Intel 8080 8-bit microprocessor and then use it to play Space Invaders, inside Garry’s mod. Where will they go from there? They have some grand aspirations.

The next step is to try and play Pokémon in Garry’s Mod.

Short term the intention is to merely get the emulator’s compatibility up, long term we hope to use a system of sending keypresses between players to allow people to watch each other play in Multiplayer…perhaps even (emulate a) link cable so you can trade your pokemons. Once we have these features in place we’ll be exploring Gameboy colour.

Ever since someone build a functional CPU in Minecraft, people have been making “Soon you’ll be able to play Minecraft in Minecraft” jokes. Well, the joke’s on them; it looks like we’re a lot closer to being able to play Garry’s Mod in Garry’s Mod. Now some one come up with a way for me to play Half-Life 3 in Garry’s Mod, or just Half-Life 2 for that matter. I refuse to stop whining until it happens.

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