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The Game Boy Swimsuit

The guys who brought us the R2-D2 swimsuit and the C-3PO swimsuit are back with everyone’s favorite handheld video game console that saved them the despair of a crosscountry road trip when they were younger — the Game Boy — in the form of a swimsuit. Black Milk Design seems to be on a roll with geeky-themed, yet tastefully cut swimsuits, but one has to wonder what happens while swimming in this swimsuit at night. Will Black Milk Design release a Light Boy attachment? Either way, the Game Boy swimsuit isn’t currently available, though if it is priced similarly to the aforementioned droid-themed swimsuits, it’ll cost around 80 to 90 bucks. Check back with Black Milk Design sometime soon to see the release of the suit and and read on below to see what the back of the swimsuit looks like.

(Black Milk Clothing via Geeks are Sexy)

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