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Haven’t Seen The New Game of Thrones Trailer? Reevaluate Your Life Choices, Then Click Here [Video]

Is it April 6th yet?


C’mon, what were you doing, watching the Golden Globes? Hanging out with other humans in a positive social environment? Being with loved ones? Whatever, bro. Get on our level and watch the trailer already.

Without giving anything away, because we are book people and sometimes we forget about what hasn’t already happened yet when we get too excited, there’s a lot to digest here — our little dragon babies are all grown up and off to destroy people, Joffrey and Margery are finally following through with that ill-advised wedding, Jaime Lannister’s got a new (and decidedly less charming) haircut, Daenerys is having some seriously delicious delusions of power, and the Wildlings are still trying to breach the wall.

Oh yeah, and the new guy in the yellow? He’s Oberyn Martell of Dorne, and he is wonderful. Yes, we know, there’s already a lot of characters to keep track of, but trust us when we say that House Martell will not disappoint. Besides, we did lose a whole bunch of characters last season, so our hearts will make room, right? *sob*

In case you’re curious about the stupendous background music in this trailer, it’s a song called “Feral Love” by Chelsea Wolfe:

 You can bet we’re going to be listening to this all day, but we’re also going to throw it onto our Game of Thrones themed Spotify playlist and then listen to that all day, too. Yes, we have one of those. Don’t judge us. You just wish you’d thought of it first instead of having meaningful social relationships and responsibilities to keep you busy.

(via Game of Thrones on Youtube)

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