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Brush Up On All The Houses of Westeros With This Fan-Made Minimalist Game of Thrones Opening

My only complaint is that there are never enough dragons.



Does anyone else every get kind of dizzy watching the official Game of Thrones opening sequence, with all the weird twists and turns in perspective? For those of us who prefer the Westerosi continent to be just a little more linear, a few animation students from the Atelier de Sèvres put together this gorgeously rendered sequence.

While it borrows a lot from the original, it also has a lot of great little details to keep you entertained, like the galloping stag outside of Dragonstone or the blooming rose outside of Highgarden — though my favorite detail is the Tully banner adorning the walls of Riverrun. Everybody forgets about the Tullys, yo.

(via i09, image via Mathilde Loubes, Jory Bertrand, and Alison Dulou)

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