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Game of Thrones Pop Up Guide to Westeros Is Very, Very Big, Check Out the Trailer

Keeping the fangirling to a minimum here.

This is not just any ordinary pop up book.  If you’re a lover of maps and a fan of Game of Thrones, then you will surely be in awe when this book transforms into an actual map, encompassing the magical world that is Westeros!

The publisher sent our friends at The Mary Sue a copy of the book in advance, so we had the chance to play with it a bit here in the office. It’s big.

Flipping through the pages like a normal book, you’re given an awesome guide to the places, the creatures, characters and the houses we’ve all come to love or hate.  However, let’s be honest, the real impressive thing about this book is watching it unfold into the Seven Kingdoms and it’s gigantic!

A lot of effort has been put into detailing Westeros’ architecture and landscape, so we are fairly certainly that the art done by Michael Komarck will be appreciated by fans.  Besides being a humungous map where one could probably reenact scenes from the story with little figurines (you could totally make your own), it’s got a bunch of little tabs to pull on with facts about the houses in Game of Thrones, artwork of the various creatures we’ve encountered throughout the series and much more.  You can also just use it as a badass map if you’re roleplaying, or something.

So fans, start saving up.  The book is hardcover and will be released March 25th for $65.

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