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Game of Thrones Death Generator Predicts How You Would Die in Westeros

There are a lot of things I love about Game of Thrones — the political intrigue, the astounding sets and costumes, the characters you can’t help but love even when you should probably kind of hate them. But if I’m being honest, the creative violence that is the calling card of the series is right near the top of its virtues list. George R.R. Martin isn’t afraid to kill off any character at the drop of a hat, and he can usually be counted on to do so in a novel, or at least quite graphic, fashion. Death is a big part of life in Westeros, and the fine folks over at Vulture have recognized this fact by putting together a random death generator for the series that shows some of the many ways you can go to your grave in Westeros. You can see some of the best ways to bow out below, but beware — potential spoilers lay ahead if you’re not caught up. Also: Why aren’t you caught up, the new season starts in like three days, get your head right!

In all seriousness, though, some of these would be brutal.

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Want more? Head over to Vulture to start faking your own death while you whittle away the remaining hours of your work week. Just try not the think about what it means that many of us would rather look at ways we could die gruesomely than do whatever our job is. That idea gets dark pretty quick.

(via Vulture)

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