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10 Books You Absolutely Must Read If You Like Neil Gaiman

Not including Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, because if you still haven't read them, there is no hope for you.


As anyone who pays attention to literary world news (or who read my previous article) knows, Neil Gaiman’s latest novel — The Ocean at the End of the Lane — was only just released. Obviously, this is super exciting news. But at 192 pages, how long is it really going to take to read? A couple of hours? Please. Any true junkie will soon be jonesing for more. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 10 books you should read if you’re a Neil Gaiman fan.

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Of course, if you haven’t yet devoured Gaiman’s earlier works, I’m obligated to recommend those first – especially Neverwhere and American Gods. But once you’ve spent the requisite two days (or one if you’re an actual junkie, in which case I think I’m legally required to suggest you get help before you keep reading) on Gaiman and are chomping for more, don’t worry. Wonderful human being that I am, here’s 10 more to give a shot.

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