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Everyday items for “ladies” almost always rub us the wrong way. I mean, Lady-Pens, really? But now one company has decided those pesky desktops and laptops we already own should probably be replaced with something more suitable for women-folk. May we present, the Fujitsu Floral Kiss? 

The Japanese company Fujitsu feels the need to “bring elegance to PCs” with this new personal computer aimed at women. They write:

As the first PC to be released under the Floral Kiss brand, Fujitsu will be offering an Ultrabook™ developed in an all-out pursuit of elegance, from the size and design of the model to its accessories, mouse, AC adaptor and other peripheral devices, and even to the applications. Featuring the latest Windows 8 OS, a high-performance 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor, and 500GB of hard disk space, the new notebook PC’s specs are sure to make for a user-friendly experience. It also provides access to My Cloud, Fujitsu’s proprietary personal cloud service that will be available as a full-scale service from today.

It comes in three colors, Elegant White, Feminine Pink (below), and Luxury Brown.

A study earlier this year said women were more likely than men to purchase technology products and in fact, Fujitsu had that in mind while creating the Floral Kiss. “In recent years, with women accounting for nearly half of PC purchases, the Floral Kiss project was born from the desire of Fujitsu’s female employees to create a PC that women would find appealing,” they write.

Because the ones we have now just don’t match our shoes like they should.

But what’s extremely telling was the statistics in the press release which Jezebel broke down: “The number of words Fujitsu’s press release devotes to the technical specifications of the laptop: 19.The number of words Fujitsu’s press release devotes to just a few of the laptop’s special lady touches, including its three available colors (Feminine Pink, Elegant White, and Luxury Brown), its “zirconia adornments” and convenient, lady-sized external mouse: 167. The number of words Fujitsu’s press release devotes to the Floral Kiss’s accessories collaboration with the Japanese brand Agete, which has resulted in Agete-branded carry cases in bronze pleather (which comes with a matching pouch which you could use for makeup!): 134.”

Another interesting (read: condescending) bit, “The top casing has been constructed with an elegant and refined gradation with gold trim, and it features a flip latch that can easily open the display—even by users with long fingernails.” Floral Kiss also comes pre-loaded with apps like a diary, a scrapbook, and horoscopes.

So, will you buy one and use it like this? They’ll be available in Japan come November.

(via Jezebel)

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