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Freakazoid! Predicted Internet Culture A Decade Before It Really Existed

No word on Floyd the Barber in years, though.

Kids’ WB! aired the best animated shows in the 90s; and, though I’ll always have a special place in my heart for AnimaniacsFreakazoid! was my fave. In hindsight, this Spielberg-produced show (about a dude who downloads the internet into his brain) accurately predicted future online culture – about a decade before the internet was even a thing.

In this video from The Escapist, MovieBob examines all the ways in which Freakzoid (in 1995!) showed us that the internet would pretty much just devolve into lunacy and cat videos. If Tumblr was a person, it would be Freakazoid.

And, hey, the video even includes the best animated baddie ever, Cankdlmgoñnlp-

(via Warner Brothers Forever, image via Google Play)

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