Foo Fighters Concert Caused Geological Tremors Similar to an Earthquake

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At a recent concert in New Zealand, the Foo Fighters rocked so hard that it caused geological tremors similar to those of an actual earthquake. New Zealand’s GeoNet blog reports that two seismic stations outside the stadium no more than 2 kilometers away detected a “strong low frequency” of tremors during the time of the concert, with the strength of the tremors corresponding to the highs and lows of the music. Hilariously, the strength of the levels record were consistent with volcanic activity.

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That’s right, Foo Fighter fans, your band rocks that hard.

Look how hard they rock:

Just kidding, you guys.

Tenacious D opened for the Foo Fighters, which is when the first signal of the tremors were recorded, but when the Foo Fighters took over the stage is when the biggest ones took hold. The recordings show that the ground was shaking with a peak oscillation of 3 Hz — three times per second in a rhythmic motion.

GeoNet blog reports that this isn’t the first time the Auckland station has picked up signals from a human origin, citing the Rugby World Cup Finals.

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