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5.9 Virginia Quake Felt All Over East Coast

If you’re anywhere on the East Coast, you may have felt a little shaking. We did too. A 5.9 magnitude quake in Virginia was felt all up and down the east coast around 2:00pm EST today. According to early Twitter and social media accounts, the shaking was felt everywhere from Virginia up to New York City. It’s worth noting that the last time NYC experienced anything that could even be loosely considered an earthquake was way back in August of 1884, so even just a little wobble is pretty weird. I figured I was just a little dizzy, and then that maybe everyone was just a little dizzy, and then that there was some kind of earthquake going on.

Following the strongest Colorado earthquake in a century, it kind of makes you wonder what kind of party is going on in our earthy basement. Maybe that 2012 date was a little off. Or if you’re from the West Coast, maybe it makes you wonder if New Yorkers will freak out about anything.

The graph below puts the magnitude into perspective.

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