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Game Developers Create New Official Genre: “Flying Out Enormous Breast Drama Hyper Battle”

Video game developer Marvelous Entertainment, generally known for releasing worthwhile, tasteful games, such as Harvest Moon and Half-Minute Hero, are releasing a new 3DS game, Kagura. Scantily-clad anime games happen quite frequently, so the above picture shouldn’t be much of a surprise to any seasoned gamer; the crazy thing, however, is the game’s official genre: “Flying Out Enormous Breast Drama Hyper Battle.” Yes, anyone can just go ahead and make a ridiculous combination of words and call it a genre, but the people who coined the phrase are the game’s developers, and judging by the revealed mechanics so far, they seem to have a point.

The game focuses on female students of a ninja academy who train to fight evil ninjas that are in the employ of corrupt corporations and politicians, so that warrants the “drama hyper battle” part. The “flying out enormous breast” part? Well, it’s a Nintendo 3DS game, after all, so it’s probably not much of a surprise that the female ninjas’ protruding body parts (not just their breasts, apparently), will be flying around in 3D.

The specific mechanics of the game are currently slim, though what is known is that the game is a side-scrolling action title, and the player can control five of the academy’s ninjas, who can be customized with clothing that have parts break off in the middle of battle, so, presumably, flying out enormous breasts can happen more freely. If that weren’t enough, instead of teasing (pun totally intended) gamers with character stats or movesets, Marvelous released (pun intended again) character bust sizes, which you can read about over here.

So, who is looking forward to the new shelf at GameStop labeled “Flying Out Enormous Breast Drama Hyper Battle?”

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