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Flavorlopes Solves Age-Old Problem of Yucky Glue Taste

Though the popularity of the internet may have curbed our global use of traditional mailing envelopes, there are still some functions that they provide that can’t be replicated by their digital counterparts. Sometimes, you just have to send a physical letter for whatever reason. Those things have to be sealed, though, and the taste of glue sealant has long been the bane of anyone required to use them. Thanks to Flavorlopes, flavored and scented envelopes are now available for purchase.

Not that flavored envelopes are an entirely new creation. But the fine folks behind Flavorlopes certainly have provided an adorable set of boutique envelopes and notecards attached to their flavors. In addition, they have planned to introduce “seasonal lopes” with flavors like candy cane and pumpkin spice.¬†They also discuss how their children have been helping them in this endeavor. Surely that beats out all other flavored competitors. Nothing says quality like child labor!

Granted, there are likely those who have not only become accustomed to the taste of glue but actually prefer it to all other contenders. But then, there’s no accounting for good taste.

(Flavorlopes via Laughing Squid)

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