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Outbox Startup Wants to End Mail As You Know It

Everyone hates junk mail, but I find myself hating the regular mail more and more as well. Bills can be paid and viewed online. I can see my bank statement from my phone. Magazines have online editions. Why are we still wasting paper sending physical copies of things? A new startup that just launched in San Fransisco wants to take the burden of physical paper off your hands by digitizing all your snail mail and emailing it to you. Sure, the physical mail still exists, but you won't have to deal with it. You have people for that now.

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Dear USPS, We’ll Miss Saturday Delivery, But Mostly We’re Sorry the Internet is Killing You Slowly

Look, we're all in favor of progress here at Geekosystem. We're scientifically inclined folk who believe that most technological development is, ultimately, for the good, and to be celebrated. That doesn't mean immune to nostalgia. We're going to miss the United States Postal Service, which continued it's death throes today, announcing that it would cancel mail delivery on Saturdays. While this doesn't come as a surprise -- USPS has been warning for some time that steps like this one were in the offing -- we're just going to miss the post office being a thing, which it won't be in, at this rate... I dunno, five years seems like a good over/under. We're in mourning, and also taking all bets.

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Flavorlopes Solves Age-Old Problem of Yucky Glue Taste

Though the popularity of the internet may have curbed our global use of traditional mailing envelopes, there are still some functions that they provide that can't be replicated by their digital counterparts. Sometimes, you just have to send a physical letter for whatever reason. Those things have to be sealed, though, and the taste of glue sealant has long been the bane of anyone required to use them. Thanks to Flavorlopes, flavored and scented envelopes are now available for purchase.

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