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Fish Cannon Does Exactly What You Think It Does, But Probably For a Better Reason

Why isn't this a weapon in Bioshock?

Fish Canon

Salmon face a nearly sisyphean task in swimming upstream to spawn. It’s hard enough going against the current, but obstacles like dams can make it impossible for the fish to complete their journey. What is a fish to do?  Thankfully, some intrepid engineers have designed a fish cannon. Which, as the name implies, is a cannon that fires fish.

Don’t believe me? Here’s the video from Sky News.

The cannon harmlessly launches up to 40 fish per minute at an impressive 22mph over dams or other obstacles and deposits them safely, if not perhaps a little startled, back in the water.

(Sky News via @pourmecoffee, images via Jennifer Simons and Luis Guillermo Pineda Rodas)

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