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Steam Gives Green Light to First Batch of Greenlight Games

It’s been less than two weeks since Valve first launched their Steam Greenlight service, but the company has already made their first batch of picks. This comes after the community waded through the various submissions to cast their votes as they saw fit, allowing those games eventually chosen by Valve to reach a certain threshold. Only 10 made the cut this first time, and now the real discussions start happening with the folks behind those games on bringing them to Steam.

A number of those games given the green light this first time around already had fans waiting patiently for them to release. Here’s the full list:

  • Black Mesa
  • Cry of Fear
  • Dream
  • Heroes & Generals
  • Kenshi
  • McPixel
  • No More Room in Hell
  • Project Zomboid
  • Routine
  • Towns

For example, Black Mesa is actually a redesigned Half-Life modification built from Half-Life 2. It’s been in the works for years at this point, and the team had already scheduled to release what they have ready on September 14th. Kenshi, another of the 10 selected, is already available in alpha state over on the developer’s website. So, this first round is definitely more about those games that already had buzz rather than discovery through Greenlight.

That doesn’t mean that Greenlight won’t be effective in the long run, however. This is literally the very tip of the top. Even with a submission fee, Valve is almost guaranteed to receive more and more games to potentially bring to Steam. As time goes on, the real value of Greenlight will become more apparent. For now, however, we’ll just have to sort through all those games that everyone thought should have always been on Steam but never were.

(via Valve)

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