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What if Feminist Ryan Gosling… Was Pictures of Con Staff Instead?

Questions! Questions That Need Answering

PAX East was my first real con experience, and it’s been my experience since that it probably gave me a skewed idea of how competent volunteer con staff should be expected to be. The first time I saw somebody giving a New York Comic Con enforcer backtalk, it was like an alien experience. My experience with PAX East enforcers is that they have created a self-perpetuating image: everybody believes that they’re competent and on top of things and so should be treated with respect, which allows them to be maximally friendly, calm, helpful, and communicative to attendees… which allows them to be completely on top of things, which means that everybody believes they are on top of things… and so on. So it does not surprise me one bit that some of them have gotten together, in the wake of a well publicized incident of a disruptive media attendee, to reassure female cosplayers and attendees that they’ve got your back. With a nerdy meme.

(Feminist PAX Enforcers via anonymous tip.)

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