Now Girls Can Have Urinals of Their Very Own! Equality? Convenience?

This Exists... Because of A Lady
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Tired of long bathroom lines? Wanna pee standing up (or, rather, crouched) with four other women instead? Well, lucky for you there’s the Pollee, a female urinal designed to mainstream your time in the bathroom.

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An open-air, four-prong urinal, the Pollee is apparently designed to “balance a public and private pee atmosphere.” They come in three different proto-types: Pollee Shy, Pollee Topless, and Pollee Naked, each with different amount of coverage. Excited yet?

The prototype is supposed to be of good use at places like music festivals, when bathroom lines can get insanely long . According to DesignBuzz, “The design aims to replace the much more private port-a-potties that are otherwise found at festivals with a more fun, open and “social” design that allows women to pee in a semi-squat position while holding onto specially created platforms built into the walls of the module,” (emphasis ours). Urinal parties, girls! Just what you’ve always dreamed of. Just look how much fun this lady is having!

I have to admit, of all the privileges that have historically come with being male, access to a urinal has never really been on top of the list of things I strive for. But I may be in the minority here.

(DesignBuzz via Gizmodo)

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