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Show Everyone How Much You Love Cats with the The Field Guide to Famous Felines Print

Now you can be a crazy cat lady without being covered in fur all the time!


It is a truth universally acknowledged that the Internet loves cats. The Internet also loves mashups and things that form together to make other things, so this illustrated print of different pop culture cats coming together to form a giant cat head is nothing short of genius. Starting next week, you can get a print for your very own.

Pop Chart Lab, the Brooklyn-based company responsible for the print, describes it thusly.

A veritable who’s who of famous felines, this hand-illustrated field guide pulls together 79 of our favorite cats and kitties from books, TV, movies, cartoons, comics and the internet. (And forms an über-cat of considerable cuteness!) Whether they’re musical (The Aristocats, Keyboard Cat, MC Skat Kat), mighty (Lion-O, Battle Cat) or just hate Mondays and love lasagna (Garfield), this maximalist menagerie of mice-haters has something for the crazy cat lover in all of us.

As you can see, it’s even annotated so you can look up exactly which cat you’re… well, looking at in any particular moment. Not sure what that generic orange looking cat at #59 is supposed to be? The bottom of the print tells you it’s Cat from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. So not only do you get to spend your down time staring at cats, but you’re also learning!

This is a pretty amazing, wonderfully done piece of art. That being said, as Geekosystem’s resident pop-culture-cat-expert (citation needed), I’ve got a quick bone to pick.

You see this part right here? It’s up towards the left eye of the poster:


4 and 11 there are Nermal and Garfield from Garfield.  Right above them, on 31? Arlene, also from Garfield. 

Yeah, that’s right, three cats from one franchise. And as far as we can tell, it’s the only franchise on the poster that this happens with, unless you count all the cat memes from the Internet as one massive entity. Now here’s another part from the lower left side of the poster.


34 over here? Luna from Sailor Moon. Except Luna’s not the only cat in Sailor Moon. How come Garfield gets three cats and Sailor Moon doesn’t? Heck, how come Garfield gets three cats where the rest of the franchises mentioned here don’t? Just what the heck is so special about stupid Nermal, anyway?

I put it to you that Artemis is way cooler than Nermal. Heck, he’s even cooler than even Luna. All Luna does is make fun of Sailor Moon and gripe at everybody about defeating the bad guys. Artemis is way more supportive and interesting as a character, but because he’s not the main character’s sidekick, he always gets the short end of the stick.  Y’all don’t even know how great he is. Seriously.


And let’s not even get into their little kitten child from the future that shows up in later episodes, because I’m fully aware that nobody else cares this much abut Sailor Moon and you all just wanted to see some graphic representations of famous cartoon cats. It’s fine. I get it. I’ll just stand over here.

The Field Guide to Famous Felines is available for pre-order on the Pop Culture Labs website and starts shipping on November 18th. Maybe I’ll get one and just stick a picture of Artemis over Nermal. World’s cutest kitten, my face.

(via Pop Culture Labs)

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