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Here Is David Tennant With A Cat On His Head Because Of Reasons [Video]

The man knows his target audience.

David Tennant is no doubt pretty busy trying to brush up on his American accent in time for Fox’s Broadchurch remake to begin filming in January, but as this short video for UK’s Virgin Media TiVo service shows, he’s got time to put cats on his head. We think you’ll agree that everyone is better off for it.

In the ad he claims that you’ll never want to watch an Internet cat video out of boredom ever again once you get a TiVo. But what about cat videosĀ with David Tennant in them? This does not sound like a particularly well-thought out business model, Virgin Media. You know, except for the part where you put a cat on David Tennant’s head. That’s pretty genius.

(via VirginMediaTiVo on Youtube)

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