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Fart Code App Leverages All the Sophisticated Technology of Your Phone to Rate Your Food’s Fart Power

Farts have so much to teach us.


In a silent but deadly attempt to get children—or adults who understand good comedy—to pay attention to nutrition labels, Fart Code reads barcodes and translates all that boring talk about “calories” and “ingredients” into terms that resonate with us: fart power.

The app, which is available free for iOS, figures out what fart-inducing ingredients are contained in a food item, and then it uses its built-in fart-o-meter to satisfy your inner 12-year-old and and calculate just how mighty your wind will be.


Sophisticated fart technology.

But fart code doesn’t just rate farts. It allows you to pass your gas around to your friends by approximating their sound and vibration and sharing through text messages or social media. It’s explanations of the effects of different compounds are a windfall for educators who want to get kids interested in science and biology, too.


Here, take a look at the demo video from BETA Group, Fart Code’s developer, which is perfectly suited to its Beavis and Butthead art style:

So, go ahead and, as BETA Group puts it, get smart from your fart.

(via Laughing Squid, images via Fart Code)

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