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Go Green With the Fart Car and Don’t Let Your Gaseous Waste Go to Waste

Can this be a real thing so I have an excuse to eat more burritos?

As products of our generation, we here at Geekosystem enjoy humor, think farts are humorous, and have a concern for the environment. The fart car brilliantly combines all three of those things and has all the gas station attendants farting into gas tanks that you could want. If that’s not a thing you wanted, you’re on the wrong website.

Trying to constantly fill up on all those fart-causing foods might get expensive, but that’s the price you pay for saving our planet. Now we just have to figure out what to do with the high volume of methane this will put into the atmosphere.

(World Wide Interweb via Geekosystem Tips, image via World Wide Interweb)

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