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Watch the BBC’s Farewell to Matt Smith, and Probably Cry a Little Bit

We're not crying. We have something in our eyes. Alright. Tears. We have tears in our eyes, but we're not crying. YOU'RE crying.


Farewell Matt Smith

Matt Smith’s run on Doctor Who is over, but sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye. That’s why the BBC put together an hour-long farewell special for him, and now it’s online for you to enjoy. By “enjoy” we mean “sob uncontrollably through.”

Because of reasons, they’ve made the special available online, but haven’t allowed for embedding. You can watch the full thing on the BBC America site, and if you’re not sure if it’s something you’ll like, here’s the trailer from last month.

It’s a highlight reel of sorts (as if the Christmas special wasn’t) cut together with cast and crew talking about Smith and saying goodbye.

(via BBC America, image via Doctor Who)

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