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Harmonix Announces Fantasia: Music Evolved, Makes Us Wish We Were Actual Sorcerers

Is there at least a secret level where we get to play as dancing ballerina hippos?

You know how critics of music-centric video games like Guitar HeroRock Band, and Just Dance used to argue that such games gave you a false feeling of accomplishment because you were basically putting time and energy into simulating a skill (guitar playing, dancing, etc) that you weren’t actually learning? Prepare to not be worried about that with the upcoming Fantasia: Music Evolved, because if this trailer is any indication of the actual gameplay, all you’re going to be putting time and energy into is waving your arms around like Mickey Mouse does in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Which, granted, sounds pretty awesome. Who hasn’t wished they could control the elements with a sweep of their hand? And by elements, I mean “dubstep beats.”

Fantasia: Music Evolved, from Harmonix and Disney Interactive, will be available on Kinect on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, according to a Disney pre-E3 press release. No telling whether the game will get in any other Fantasia lore, but I’m still holding out for both a ballerina hippo level and a Night on Bald Mountain level where I get to pretend I am the Chernobog crushing the tiny bodies of my enemies. I guess we could set it to Bruno Mars music instead of the original Mussorgsky composition, though that will be incidental to the crushing.

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