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Realistic Fake Pregnancy Bellies Hot Seller in China?

A Series of Fallopian Tubes

Man, if China is interested in lifelike pregnancy bellies, I wonder what they’d think of the machine that makes you feel like you’re menstruating? According to the Global Times, whose record of journalistic integrity we don’t have a lot of experience with but we’re letting it slide because this is funny and weird, sales of silica gel (yes, the stuff that comes in shoe boxes and labeled very clearly as inedible) pregnancy bellies have become “hot sellers on the online shopping market.”

The bellies are advertised as “flesh color,” “human skin texture,” and “highly comfortable.”

The replicas are priced from 500 to 1600 yuan ($79-$252), though the slightly more expensive models, priced at around 700 to 800 yuan ($109-$125), have thus far been the best sellers, according to an online shop owner.

“Most of the costumers have bought the bellies for acting performances or as a joke, though others wanted to experience the life of a pregnant woman,” said the owner.

I wonder if any of them are being used for sociological experiments? According to the Global Times even China is puzzled by the trend. Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but there’s really only one use for a fake pregnancy belly I can think of where having “human skin texture” would be an important selling point. But if that’s your kink, this is a pretty responsible way to go about it, so more power to you!

I’ve never been pregnant myself (nor do I plan to be any time in the near future), but I think I’d be right in saying that “highly comfortable” is an interesting selling point for a product to have, if its buyers are trying to experience the life of a pregnant woman.

(via Neatorama.)

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