Right Now, Facebook Has As Many Users As The Whole Internet In 2004

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Facebook is big. Really big. Like seriously, it’s huge. So huge, in fact, that it now has as many active users as the 2004 Internet. That’s right, there are as many active users on Facebook as there were active users on the entire Internet in 2004, the year Facebook was born.

Folks at Royal Pingdom were the ones to figure it out based on the f8 statement that Facebook currently has over 800 million active users (active users being users who have signed in in the past 30 days). It’s also worth noting that Facebook has more users than the Internet currently on every continent except Asia, and more users than any country, which is a little less surprising. Still, it seems like Facebook is still on its way up somehow. Where will it stop? We’ll probably find out when the Apocalypse arrives.

(Royal Pingdom via Business Insider)

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