Google+ vs. Facebook [Infographic]

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Need some more Google+ vs. Facebook news? Is the lull after several days of coverage that reached and went beyond maximum media saturation too much for you? Well, now you’ve had a little time to cool off and things have had a little time to solidify, so check out this nifty by-the-numbers Facebook vs. Google+ infographic from Single Grain.

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This infographic makes for an interesting side-by-side comparison of the ease of performing certain communication and privacy functions in both networks. Things like talking to people and not talking to people. It also has some interesting information concerning the breakdown of Google+ users by occupation. Like the fact that 58.95% have jobs in software development or engineering.

You’ve probably already made up your mind and decided who you’re backing in this fight, but be sure to check out the full infographic below to get valuable information you can use to argue for your choice to people who are already set in their ways as well.

(Single Grain via Bits and Pieces)

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