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Facebook Possibly to Introduce Autoplay Ads; It’s Almost Like They’re Asking Us to Delete Our Accounts

Your Stupid Minds! Stupid! Stupid!

Well now. Usually when we hear about something whacktastic Facebook has done it’s related to their ever-present disregard for privacy. I almost appreciate how they’re giving Facebook users a nice variety of reasons to delete their accounts. Autoplay ads? Really, Facebook? Not cool.

At a conference last week David Fischer, Facebook’s VP of Business, had the following to say about the possibility of integrating auto-play video ads into the site:

“I believe there are ways we could do it. There are ways that could be destructive and distracting to the user experience [A/N: ALL OF THEM]. But there are ways that could potentially balance user experience with advertiser experience. We haven’t put a product out yet because we haven’t had one we’re comfortable with. But if we could, then we would do it.”

Fischer’s statement matches up with a report from last December that Facebook plans to launch a “web and mobile ad” unit by April 2013. The ads will reportedly be 15 seconds long instead of the usual 30, like that makes much of a difference. Auto-play music/video is of the devil. It’s often commented that Facebook’s users are their product, not their customer, and it’s becoming more and more obvious that that’s the case.

I get that ads are necessary for Facebook, but auto-play ads? Nope. Nope nope nope. Ad-blocker: Activate.

For future reference, here’s how to delete your Facebook account.

(via: Death and Taxes)

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