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Eye Stitches are Terrifying, Kind of Pretty

Redditor Philawesomeraptor‘s girlfriend recently received a cornea transplant due to her keratoconus, an eye disorder in which the structure of the cornea causes the eye to change to a more conical shape. Due to the surgery, she got stitches in her eyeball, and they look like this. It’s a fine line between horrifying and pretty, moving back and forth between the two as you admire the zigzag pattern, but then remember it’s made by something threaded through an eyeball.

Philawesomeraptor’s girlfriend is doing just fine, though he notes that the doctor “made a balls” of the operation by putting in a cornea that was too small for her eye, giving her poor eyesight for around four years. If you have a horrible eye-squeamish like I do, you’ll be happy to know that she got the surgery under local anesthetic, which meant two injections directly into her eyeball. You know, from a pointy needle.

You’ll also be pleased to know that she was advised not to lift anything heavy or perform any sort of strenuous activity in order to avoid her eye stitches exploding out of her head. Be glad you only have to wear glasses to see Netflix from across the room.

(via reddit)

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