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Exclusive: Adam Ruins Everything Uncovers the Truth Behind Women Shaving

Damn you, King Camp Gillette!

A still from tonight's episode of Adam Ruins Everything.

Adam Ruins Everything and host Adam Conover have ruined a lot of things, but he’s about to tackle the famous Girls Night Out for his latest episode. In this exclusive clip from the upcoming episode “Adam Ruins a Night Out,” Adam and Emily Axford tackle women shaving their legs and armpits and how it became a trend only one hundred years ago. Check out the clip below!

If you’re wondering why women started shaving, you can blame capitalism. King Camp Gillette, once he invented the disposable razor for shaving men’s beards, wanted to continue to grow profits. He turned to women’s fashion magazines, running false ads about how being hairless was all the rage in European countries and basically telling women they should be ashamed of any body hair they do have. As a result, they bought razors, and the rest is history.

While some modern women have rejected shaving, Western beauty standards now demand women be hairless and smooth to be taken seriously. Given that men don’t have to be ashamed of body hair on their legs and underarms, the fact that women are then expected to be smooth as a dolphin is all kinds of absurd. But, Gillette wanted to make money, and so the trend of spending an extra few minutes shaving your legs and armpits smooth every couple of days in the shower continues.

As per usual, the hosts tackle the topic with the show’s usual blend of snark and humor. It’s good to finally call out the beauty industry for the way they market to women and the harmful trends they perpetuate, because that still happens to this day. The beauty industry is built on tricking women into buying things they don’t need or doing things to make themselves smaller or more “presentable” that are not asked of men, and that sucks.

You can watch the clip, as well as Adam ruining an entire night out, tonight on TruTV at 10PM.

(image: TruTV)

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