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Pete Holmes’ “Ex-Men” Series Tackles The Mutant Conundrum That Is Angel [Video]

Just wait until he gets to Dazzler.

Yes, comic-book fans, we know that Warren Worthington III is a much more complicated character than most onlookers tend to give him credit for. But… come on. He’s got wings. Wings. Pete Holmes sums up our possible concerns for Angel in this sketch he did on The Pete Holmes Show a few nights ago.

Angel doesn’t just have wings and hollow bones, though. He’s also got superhuman sight. You know, like a bird does. Oh, and he’s got this weird ability to process his food super-quickly so that he doesn’t store any excess fat, which is why he’s so ripped all the time. Also, he can probably break your face with the strength in his wings. Too bad he didn’t think to do that while Petefesser X was laughing at him over there.

(via Pete Holmes on Youtube)

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