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Everything I Want Announced At The 2023 PlayStation Showcase

It's video game girl summer <3

A collection of games Carpou hopes to see at the Playstation 2023 Showcase.

Well gang, since E3 is pretty much dead in the water, we now have showcases to look forward to instead. Today, May 24, we get the Playstation Showcase, which will be an hour long and focus on upcoming PS5 and VR releases.

Gamers are pretty excited for this, especially with some special announcements already having been made:

And I know there are a plethora of releases people have been waiting for with bated breath, such as the upcoming Wolverine and Spider-Man 2, as well as titles that are yet-to-be announced, like the sequel to Ghost of Tsushima and a new Naughty Dog IP.

But I gotta be honest, I’m a little salty, seeing Zelda fans get everything they wanted and more from Tears of the Kingdom. Yes, I am also one of those fans, but there are a few franchises I’ve been waiting on for a long time now, and I’m starting to get antsy. Is it likely I’ll hear from them at this showcase? Probably NOT. But a girl can hope.

These are the titles I’m keeping my fingers crossed for. I encourage you to share you own hopefuls in the comments!

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf

At this point, I’m already beating the living daylights out of this poor dead horse, but try to see things from my perspective. Breath of the Wild came out in 2017, and its sequel has recently released in our Rabbity year of 2023. That’s six years, which is a long time, to be sure…

…but girl, the last Dragon Age game came out in 2014, and the most footage we’ve gotten of the new title has been through leaks!! Now, I am not, in the slightest, hating on the devs, because they’re been put through corporate hell and back, and they now seem to be on a track that’s more agreeable to their creative vision. And I’m really happy about that!

With all that being said, the clown in me is really starting to hold out for SOMETHING, at the very least. A release date mayhaps. A look at the companions. Anything other than Varric narrating ambiguously and a shot of Solas’ dumb face looking at us sadly.

Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines 2

Now this might make some of you laugh, because yes, hoping for any news at all about this game requires a lot of delusion, and I am certainly delusional to still be hoping for it. I don’t even want to get into the development hell this game has been stuck in for all these years. I just want to talk about why I’m still even a little bit excited about the potential for this game’s announcement.

The original VTMB was, and still is, a masterclass in RPG design. I still replay it, and watch others play it, fairly often, because it’s just that enjoyable. And when the sequel still seemed like it was going to come out within a reasonable set of expectations, there was quite a lot to look forward to! The plot seemed interesting (rising through the ranks of Seattle vampire society as a “thin-blood”), the gameplay surely couldn’t be any worse than it was in 2004, and the overall “vibe” of the Seattle they gave us was just sick as hell.

The current devs have been pretty quiet lately. I know this probably won’t mean anything. But, still. If there’s even just one person still holding out for this game, it’s my delusional ass.

Silent Hill f

Although the remaster for Silent Hill 2 is Team Silent’s current priority, I would love, love, LOVE to hear more information about this deliciously unsettling work-in-project. I find that many horror titles are comparatively toothless to the original Silent Hill games, and considering this is a brand-new entry, I get excited thinking about how far the devs will take it with modern resources at their disposal.

Now, of course, it’d be pretty exciting to get even more remasters of the original Silent Hill games (namely Silent Hill 1, Silent Hill 3, and Silent Hill 4: The Room). However, given that the devs already did a pretty massive press release earlier this year, I’d be surprised if they already had more material to drop so soon after.

The Elder Scrolls 6

BAHAHAHAHA. Yeah, I know.

But also…maybe?

Starfield is finally slated to release this year, on September 6th, and we’ve gotten pretty impressive gameplay footage of it so far. It’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility that they’ve finally gotten to shift gears toward TES 6. Maybe they even let Todd out of his cage…?

Ah, who am I kidding? Sorry girls, false alarm. Let me put the clown nose back on.

The Playstation Showcase starts at 1 PM PT (4 PM ET) and will be streamed live on both Twitch and YouTube.

(Featured Image: Paradox/Bioware/Konami)

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