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Elon Musk Declares Comedy “Legal” on Twitter, Immediately Suspends Accounts Who Make Fun of Him

The age old dilemma of "dishing it" versus "taking it."

Elon Musk makes a frowny face.

After months of big promises and even bigger backtracking, Elon Musk finally owns Twitter. But, as many anticipated, after a week of finally being the biggest boy in the yard, Musk is now the ultimate physical embodiment of the “haha sowing, what the f*ck reaping” tweet. So far he has: started mass layoffs (over half the company) which has already prompted at least one class action lawsuit for violating the labor laws of several states (and possibly countries), proposed a new app function where people could pay to DM their favorite celebrities (gee I wonder how that could backfire), and claimed that advertisers were jumping ship to due pressure from “activists” and not ya know… the immediate garbage fire he created.

One of his most controversial (and ludicrous) changes pertains to the verification process. In an effort to recoup the $44billion dollars he wasted, Musk has decided that users must now pay a monthly subscription fee (tied into Twitter Blue) in order to maintain that little blue checkmark. However, it was revealed that the new process would not require actual identity verification, just the $8 a month payment. Which means that anyone willing to shell out $8 could potentially pose as whichever celebrity, public figure, or target of their ire that they wanted. Once again, what could go wrong!

But perhaps the funniest part of this whole fiasco has been his constant whining about free speech: that he loves it and it’s only the trolls and haters (and advertisers) who are against it! Especially when a stream of verified users decided to give him a taste of his own medicine… by posing as him (a time honored tradition in some corners of Twitter). In a shocking twist – he did not like it!

Many verified users who donned the Musk mask, like Rich Sommer, found out just how petty our new internet overlord could be when Musk began suspending the accounts of all who changed their username and profile picture to that of Musk. Turns out, Musk is only a fan of free speech if it involves telling him what a very good and smart and special boy he is!

So let us take time to commemorate our fallen heroes, the ones who decided to go down in a blaze of glory and perhaps provide a glimpse into what brief future Twitter has in store:

Comedy is now legal on Twitter, indeed. Share your favorite Musk impersonation tweet in the comments!

Image via: Win McNamee/Getty Images

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