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Incredibly Limited Eevee 3DS XL Arrives in Japan June 22nd



You may recall a certain Pikachu-branded Nintendo 3DS XL that hit North America earlier this year. I say “you may recall,” because it’s highly unlikely that you actually got your hands on one. As if taking this scarcity as a challenge, Nintendo’s going to release an Eevee-branded 3DS XL that’s even more limited. Like, you enter a lottery for the chance to even buy one. Yeah, that kind of limited.

How limited? Well, it’s only coming to Pokémon Centers in Japan, the places that just sell Pokémon merchandise. That’s not it, though. Folks have to enter into a lottery between now and June 3rd just for the chance to buy it. Even then, it’ll cost them 18,900 yen — about $184.

This exists thanks to Nintendo and the Pokémon Company teaming up to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Centers, which first opened in 1998. It’s pretty unlikely that we’ll see this outside of Japan, so here’s hoping you don’t really have to catch ’em all.


(Pokemon via Polygon)

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