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We Should All Aspire to Be the Tiny Animals of Google’s Earth Day Doodle

Google's Earth Day Doodle

Happy Earth Day 2017 everyone! Our beautiful and special planet Earth is dying and at risk right now, so let today’s Google Doodle inspire us all to be kinder to it.

This year’s doodle from Sophie Diao reads like a lovely children’s book and stars a fox dreaming about the damage that’s being caused by pollution and climate change. The fish are dying, penguins are dealing with glaciers melting, and the fox refuses to stand idly by when his animal friends are in danger. The official description reads:

“The fox wakes with a startle, and urgently starts making small lifestyle changes to care for the Earth. Along the way, the fox enlists friends – including Momo the cat, and Google Weather’s favorite frog – to join its quest to protect and nurture the environment.

To combat things like coral bleaching and pollution, the three eco-rangers are inspired to take action such as eating less meat, carpooling, and unplugging unused electronic devices. That’s some heroic work for tiny animals!”

Just like these tiny animals, we should also care for our environment with big and small actions. If you click beyond the Doodle, you can also get a number of easy “Earth Day tips” for everything from wildlife conservation with the WWF, to coral reef conservation with the Ocean Agency, to rainforest conservation with The Jane Goodall Institute.

As Google says, let’s all “take a moment a to savor and cherish this boundless, stunning Earth that we inhabit.” It is, after all, the only one we have. Do you have other tips for being a great eco-ranger?

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