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Please Help These Scientists Figure Out How Strong Duck Penises Are

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Rockethub, an online crowd-funding service, is currently running a special promotion of some of its scientific research projects, to see if you, the people, are willing to donate money to <em>other</em> people who are trying to figure out how zombies work (by studying parasites that take over the behavior of their hosts) or trying to figure out why city living butterflies are so blue.

Ecologist Patty Brennan and biomechanics expert Diane Kelly want to see how much force a duck penis exerts in its explosive erection. Which means you’ve got 44 days to give them some cash and receive in return post cards, videos of duck erections, access to their project blog, duck shaped cookies, and more. (Their post gives no indication as to whether the cookies are shaped like the whole duck, or merely a specific part of it.)

(via Boing Boing.)

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