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Dragon Ball Creator Goes Galactic With New Manga

Wish to Shenron that it'll be good



It’s been revealed that legendary manga, anime, and video game artist Akira Toriyama — best known for the Dragon Ball series — is writing a brand new manga for magazine Weekly Shonen Jump starting this July. The series was created in celebration of Jump‘s 45th anniversary, and is called Ginga Patrol Jako, or Galactic Patrol Jako. The new series is set to premiere in the July 13th issue.

According to Anime News Network, Jump has this to say about the new series: “The ‘legend’ of hope for the entire world returns here!!” The phrase is fitting, as this is also marks a return to Jump for Toriyama. The 58-year-old artist has had five serial manga previously published in the magazine, the earliest being Dr. Slump in 1980 and the most recent being a one-off called Kintoki in 2010. Needless to say, he was a prime contributor to making the magazine popular.

Little else is known about the series so far beyond the nifty promo art in Jump. The middle character, who I presume is the eponymous Jako, has a cute design but looks pretty serious with two characters in tow, most likely running away from some kind of danger. Will Ginga Patrol Jako live up to Toriyama’s prolific legacy? We’ll have to wait until the release (and eventual translation) to find out.

(Manga News via Anime News Network)

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