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Today in Japan: Trailer for Live-Action Gatchaman Movie

There are no subtitles, only guesswork.


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Gatchaman successfully exported the American superhero genre into a popular Japanese anime in the 1970s. After several unsuccessful attempts to create a live-action movie, Nikkatsu studios filmed the project last year, and it is set for an August release date in Japan.

If that seems vaguely like gibberish, let me may jog your memory: Gatchaman was recreated in America as a cartoon called Battle of the Planets, and later as G-Force: Guardians of Space. The series is about 5 teenage superhero ninjas powered by a magic crystal who fight intergalactic mecha monsters. Pretty standard fare, really.

The movie takes on one of the original anime’s plots: the terrorist organization Galactor wants to rule the world. While the trailer is entirely in Japanese, some educated guesses reveal that it appears to be a fairly typical superhero piece. A city gets destroyed. We see our unassuming-looking heroes walk in slow motion. There are some quiet, angsty conversations in picturesque locations. The color-coordinated outfits have some snazzy helmets, and obviously there’s some flying while holding hands.

Check out the trailer for yourself:


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