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Dr. Oz’s Senate Campaign Is So Absurd Even Fox News Is Mocking It

Dr Oz shrugs on stage at an event.

Donald Trump has officially endorsed Mehmet Oz (known professionally as “Dr. Oz”) in his ludicrous and exorbitantly expensive Senate campaign. He said at a rally that he supports the heart surgeon-turned daytime TV grifter specifically because of Oz’s success in television.

Trump said that Oz is a “great guy, good man … Harvard-educated, tremendous, tremendous career and they liked him for a long time. That’s like a poll. You know, when you’re in television for 18 years, that’s like a poll, that means people like you.”

Except that a television career is not “like a poll”—not at all, really. And not everyone thinks appearances on Oprah are enough to count for Senate experience. Despite him being a Republican and being Trump’s favorite, even Laura Ingraham, one of the absolute worst people at Fox News, called Trump’s endorsement of Oz “a mistake.” And she even mocked Kellyanne Conway to her face when she refused to agree, accusing Conway of just being too “scared” to call it a mistake.

Of course, the reasons why Ingraham thinks Oz shouldn’t be in office are very different from my own. For her, it’s not because Oz is a grifter who built a career pushing dangerous medical misinformation about everything from quack weight-loss trends to conversion therapy. No, Ingraham just thinks he’s too liberal. “Against guns, for abortion, praising Hillary Clinton as one of the most brilliant women, smartest women he’s ever met,” she listed.

Honestly, whatever keeps people from voting for him, in the end, is fine by me.

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