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Dr. McNinja Writer is Writing For Deadpool

This Makes Sense

Well, here’s one way to get me to pick up a Deadpool comic. Because no matter how much I keep hearing that the Marvel “superhero’s” comic is totally fun and fourth wall breaking and that he’s a fan favorite and an off-beat character for Marvel… I’ve still never actually read any Deadpool.

But if Chris Hastings, the writer/creator of Dr. McNinja is signing on for a three issue miniseries… Yeah. Yeah, I’ll buy the hell out of that. Webcomics. You can make a career out of them.

Dr. McNinja, to extrapolate, is an awesome free webcomic about an Irish ninja who is also a doctor. Whose secretary is a sentient gorilla. Whose mentor is a clone of Ben Franklin. Whose sidekick is a twelve year-old mexican boy with a full handlebar mustache who rides a velociraptor named Yoshi.

So unleashing Chris Hastings (who still refuses to define his stance on the Edward vs. Jacob debate) on Marvel’s highly subversive Deadpool series sounds like a beautiful marriage. The three issue series will cover Deadpool’s experience with the Fear Itself story line, which “will depict the various superheroes of the Marvel Universe contending with the God of Fear, a supervillain who will use the characters’ worst fears against them.”

As a part of this story line, numerous ancient magical Norse hammers start falling from the sky, only to be picked up by various supervillains. Deadpool, of course, finds his own.

“Oh let me tell you, it’s a totally legit magical hammer, for sure,” says Hastings. “Just like those other ones you’ve seen [in the teasers] with scary Juggernaut and the other scary guys. Yep. Totally real magic scary hammer.”

“Deadpool’s is better than theirs, even,” adds editor Jordan D. White,” Theirs don’t have rhinestones. Magic scary rhinestones, naturally.”

Sounds like a story that treats the usual ridiculous-upon-examination plot arc of a superhero maxi-series and with good degree of detachment and humor. I’ll definitely be picking it up in June.

(via Topless Robot.)

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