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Only Downton Abbey Could Turn a Royal Visit Into a Full-Length Movie Celebration

Ah, Downton Abbey is returning in an official movie, and it is both about everything and nothing at the same time.

In the first official trailer, there is very little story to be had, but the central conflict is set up: it’s 1927 and the King and Queen are coming to a royal luncheon, and therefore the wealthy Grantham family and their loyal help have to put on a show. That means bringing the team back together and dusting off Mr. Carson—pausing his retirement—to do what he does best, order and glower at everyone but Lady Mary. For the record, the King and Queen during this time would be George V and Mary of Teck, the grandparents of current monarch Queen Elizabeth II.

Of course, there is a discussion about leaving Downton (naturally), but considering they didn’t do that in the finale it would be weird for them to do it here. Besides, the show is too in love with traditional ideas to make that kind of leap. The most pressing issue I see is Mary Crawley’s horrid haircut and finding the person responsible for it. I don’t even like Mary, but something that ghastly is just too undeserving even for her.

For those who don’t remember, the show ended with Edith finally finding a man who would marry her, yay. Mary revealed her first pregnancy with new husband Henry Talbot, and was nice enough to not let it spoil Edith’s day. Robert and Cora continue to exist and Cora decides to open a hospital. Henry Talbot and Tom Branson opened a used car shop, so they could have a purpose beyond marrying into wealth, and Violet Crawley, the Dowager Countess, played by Dame Maggie Smith, continues to quip and shame her family members as only she could.

Downton Abbey arrives in theaters September 20. The movie was written by series creator Julian Fellowes and directed by longtime TV director Michael Engler.

Are you ready to return, or wondering why we’re headed back?

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