Trump standing outside of a courtroom in New York.

Donald Trump Sells Scraps of His Mugshot Suit for Money, You Know, Like Billionaires Do

Former President and multiple felony indictee Donald Trump has landed on a new fundraising scheme to milk even more cash from his devoted followers. He is literally selling the clothes off his back. Very normal billionaire behavior sir, no notes. Trump announced via Truth Social that he was releasing yet another set of Trump trading cards priced at $99 each.

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But wait! There’s more! If you buy 47 cards (spending $4,653 total), you’ll get a scrap of Trump’s suit that he wore when his mugshot was taken AND an invitation to “GALA dinner” with Trump at Mar-a-Lago.

I have SO MANY questions. Why is it 47 cards? Why not 50? Because Trump wants to be the 47th president. And I would bet money that the “invite” to his charred steak and ketchup banquet isn’t free either (it’s giving “cash bar” energy). Grifters gonna grift!

If you’re spending all your money on Trump trading cards, you should be moved to a special tax bracket where you’re taxed 99% of your income because clearly you can’t be trusted with money. Trump added in his post, “I’m happy if you’re happy.” I guarantee you that no one spending upwards of $4k on Trump NFT trading cards has ever been or ever will be happy.

The ad copy on Trump’s website reads, “Trump has a furrowed brow with a determined gaze which says he’ll never surrender.” Except he is literally surrendering to the authorities in this photo. And that’s not the only mugshot merch available on Trump’s site. You can purchase posters, mugs, wrapping paper, and even a Christmas stocking. And if you buy the stocking, you get the coal and a visit from the Ghost of Christmas Future for free!

Trump’s coat of many crimes is arguably a piece of history, as he is the first president to pose for a mugshot. But it’s history in the same way that plates from Nazi Germany are history. Like, they exist, but if you’re buying them to display in your home I wouldn’t be like, “Wow this guy’s a real history buff! He LOVES history!”

If there’s one thing Trump excels at, it’s making money off his followers. It may be the only successful business he’s ever had. In the 24 hours after his mugshot, Trump raised over $4 million, according to Politico. It’s amazing how someone can promote themselves as a billionaire while at the same time selling scraps of their suits for money. But clearly, MAGA fever shows no signs of slowing down. And someone has to pay for Trump’s seemingly endless legal fees.

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