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X-Men: Days Of Future Past And The Summers Brothers Conundrum

Cautiously Optimistic

When Lucas Till appeared in X-Men: First Class as Havok, fans everywhere felt a fluttering of hope that the two Summers brothers (Havok and Cyclops) might be reunited in some lovingly fan-servicey future where Cyclops doesn’t die and there weren’t forty years separating First Class from the first X-Men title.

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Well, mutants, you might have a chance.

Bryan Singer, director of X-Men 1 and 2, has apparently said that he wants to “wants to fix a few things”, according to Vulture’s interview with Cyclops actor James Marsden. “Hopefully,” Marsden continued, “[Cyclops’ death] is one of them.”

Considering that time travel is rumored to be a large part of the plot for Days of Future Past, that’s not out of the question. Marsden has also said he’d be open to donning the Cyclops shades once more if the opportunity presented itself. Do you hear that, Singer? You can undo the terrible events of X-Men 3!

Till, meanwhile, is already confirmed in the upcoming movie and has filmed his part.

I didn’t get to spend that much time with Bryan [Singer]. But I loved working with him because he let me reinvent the way I do my power. It’s what I wanted to do on the last movie but because there are so many things working against you, you kind of just have to do what they provide for you with the pre-visualization because that is a lot more money than my paycheck. So I had to kind of incorporate with what they had already done. But I wanted to do it differently and they let me on this one. Which is cool because I’m actually an X-Men fan. So getting to bring something into the movie and feeling like I was actually part of making this movie is one of the coolest feelings that I’ve ever had.

His answer as to whether or not we will see the Summers brothers together on film was interesting, to say the least: “You’ll have to watch and find out, my friend.” Such a cryptic answer begs questions.

It looks more and more like DOFP will be the perfect tool to re-build the X-Men cinematic universe out of the rubble of the third movie. Magneto and Rogue can be re-powered, Professor X and Cyclops can be revived, and the cast of First Class can join rest of the cast in the post-2000s era. Time-traveling shenanigans are an oft-abused storytelling mechanic, but maybe this time they can do some real good for a franchise that needs it.

Marsden seems to agree:

It was great, to have a movie like… the first two or three X-Men, and the studios in Hollywood work really hard to find a formula that’s successful, and you want to keep that intact, so…

From your mouth to the studio’s ears, Marsden. Let’s hope it becomes a reality.

(via MTV, image from X-Men Legacy #259)

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