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Steven Moffat Talks About An Autumn 2012 Return For Doctor Who

Officially Official

Doctor Who Season 6 was released on DVD and blu-ray last week and it was revealed in Doctor Who Magazine back in September that the next season of the hit BBC show probably wouldn’t begin until Autumn of 2012. Now showrunner Steven Moffat is telling us it’s because of what goes along with that time of year. And well, he forgot about that other half of the world where the sun hits differently… 

Season 7 has a planned nine-month shoot beginning in February, meaning the show would not have enough time to make a Spring return like it has in the past few years anyway but Moffat wrote in Doctor Who Magazine that it’s more than just scheduling.

Doctor Who in the summer? All that running down tunnels, with torches, and the sunlight streaming through your windows and bleaching out the screen? All those barbecues and children playing outside, while on the telly there are green monsters seething in their CGI-enhanced lairs? It’s just not right is it? Be honest. For me, as a kid, when the afternoon got darker and there was a thrill of cold in the air, I knew that even though summer was over, the TARDIS was coming back! So yes, that’s part of the plan, that’s part of the reason for this little delay. But it’s not the whole story.

Not the whole story, eh? Could star Matt Smith’s Hollywood hopes be getting in the way of scheduling as well? I wouldn’t be surprised. Regardless, we will see the return of the Doctor in the Christmas Special in December although we can’t be certain if there will be an Easter special to keep us going until Autumn of next year. This also means, if they follow this past seasons form and split it in two, the Christmas Special for 2012 would likely wind up airing between the two parts instead of at the end of the season.

All I have to say to this is…

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