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15 Fantastic Doctor Who Mash-Ups and Works of Fan Art

When you’re a pop culture sensation like The Doctor, people are going to idolize you. And with a phenomenon like Doctor Who, thou shalt totally make unto thee lots of graven images, and many likenesses of any thing that is in the TARDIS. Thou shalt definitely bow down thyself to them. That’s the second commandment of die-hard Doctor Who fandom, after all.

So here are 15 such beautiful graven images. Some are great fan art, others hilarious mash-ups, all obscenely awesome. And don’t worry, they’re not all about David Tennant.

1. The Doctor has many enemies. If you’re caught up with the most recent season finale, you know that they’re capable of uniting against a common foe. This artist predicted that happening, but this piece is just one Doctor ahead of its time. Still, it’s artistically way impressive, even if the cyberman does kind of look like he’s doing a touchdown dance. (Via)

2. Pandora? Pandorica? Coincidence? Yes. (Via)

3. Well this is just brilliant. Definitely click to see it full-size. These are the unusual suspects if ever I’ve seen them. (Via)

4. Doctor Who and Futurama already have some common themes: Time travel, occasionally oblivious heroes, interplanetary travel, alien menaces. Let’s make this mash-up actually happen. Someone start a petition. (Via)

5. It ain’t easy bein’ a Time Lord. (Via)

6. It ain’t easy wearing scarves. (Via)

7. Someone made fan art of Eccleston. Lolwut? (Via)

8. Imitation is sincerest form of flattery. Cake is the most delicious. (Via)

9. David Tennant knows kung-fu. (Via)

10. Most. Necessary. Simpsons. Guest. Appearance. Ever. I need a fez. (Via)

11. Yay more Matt Smith. (Via)

12. Yay even more Matt Smith, and this one’s the best. It made me recite that whole apple speech to myself again. Though the child-version of kiss-o-gram Amy is a little creepy. (Via)

13. This coffin is real. It was commissioned by a real, hardcore Doctor Who fan who has unfortunately passed away. But if anyone is truly resting in peace, it’s him. This is a testament to the lasting, positive impact of The Doctor. (Via)

14. Aliens can’t kick field goals either. (Via)

15. Dark and bright at the same time. Old and new at the same time. Creepy, yet lovable. Profound, yet silly. These are the contradictions that make The Doctor the character we never fully know and always fully love. (Via)

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