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Play with a Wibbly-Wobbly Interactive Timeline of All the Doctors’ Travels

Just don't go to Manhattan in 1938...


Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 4.44.51 PM has put together a handy interactive infographic for you to play along with the Doctor’s travels at home. The Hurt Doctor (as we call him) would probably dislike how wibbly-wobbly and timey-wimey it looks, but it’s actually a really fun way to visualize just where in time the Doctor has gone on his roundabout path through history.

If you want to play Clara and float through the Doctor’s entire timeline all at once, you can head here and try it out for yourself. Select any of the Doctors you like and see their timelines overlaid with information about which episodes took the Doctor to what years and get clips and stills from each one. They’ve also got stats about the total number of years the TARDIS has travelled through time and other fun Doctor facts, so go ahead and learn some pretend facts.

(via, image via screnshot)

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