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New Doctor Who Action Figures Continue To Depict Twelve In Eleven’s Clothes

As long as he doesn't call any part of it "cool," we'll be set. That's Eleven's thing.


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In a move that surprises absolutely no one, the latest line of Doctor Who action figures has been released, and they offer literally no hints as to what the Twelfth Doctor’s outfit will look like. What, you thought that’s how you were going to find out what he wears? Please. Some of you weren’t here with us when we were waiting for Eleven’s outfit, were you?

The outfit above, while once again shockingly dapper for somebody who’s wearing clothing that’s supposed to fit a completely different person, resembles the outfit that Capaldi’s wearing in this image.

12 doctor

We should point out that the coloring is a bit off on the vest and coat, but that could mean anything. After all, it’s not as if the likeness is particularly good to begin with, to be brutally honest. Capturing the wonder and majesty that are Peter Capaldi’s eyebrows into a piece of plastic that retails for under $20 bucks is a difficult challenge, indeed — though if Hot Toys ever gets the go ahead to make their own line of super-realistic Who figures, you can bet fans would actually go insane trying to get at them.

Between this and the recent images of Capaldi still wearing the clothes while filming, it’s entirely possible that he’s going to spend a large amount of his first episode wearing this getup, so we might as well get used to it. After all, the last action figure made wearing the previous incarnations clothing was Eleven, and he spent most of “The Eleventh Hour” in Ten’s shirt and tie.

Then again, we also know — spoiler alert! — that part of the episode will take place in Victorian England (again, ugh) and Twelve appears to also spend a pretty good chunk of time wearing old timey pajamas, so obviously we can’t say for certain what’s going to happen. Except maybe I want an action figure of Peter Capaldi all Arthur-Dented up in his jim jams. Like, a whole bunch, actually. I think maybe I’d rather have that than this one.

(Doctor Who Facebook via Bleeding Cool, other image via BBC)

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