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District 9 Creator Neill Blomkamp Has Started Writing District 10

It Came From Outer Space

Neill Blomkamp, the writer and director behind District 9 and the upcoming movie Elysium, recently sat down for an interview with Wired to talk about his new movie, and about what science fiction filled films he’s working on for the future.  While Blomkamp is currently looking forward to the release of Elysium, and is working on the original films Chappie and Mild Oats, he has also started the script for a District 9 sequel, tentatively titled District 10.

Blomkamp explained during the interview that he and his wife and collaborator Terri Tatchell have written an 18 page treatment for District 10, and that the idea for the sequel is

“really f***ing cool.”

Still, Blomkamp has too many ideas to tie him to just one project, and District 10, if it is made, is far, far away. Meanwhile, Blomkamp rejected the offer to work on a new Star Wars story with Simon Kinberg, who produced Blomkamp’s Elysium. Instead, the director favors his own ideas, including Wild Oats, a story that he describes as “somewhere between John Waters and Jackass,” and that involves, according to Wired,

a 3-foot-tall, photo-realistic silicone puppet rocking a mullet and jailhouse tattoos

who is additionally described as a naked “redneck” and is named Marvin. Chappie, meanwhile, deals with an intelligent android, will start filming in Johannesburg in two months, and can be summed up, according to Blomkamp, as exploring the idea that,

If something is as smart as you, do you treat it differently if it isn’t a human?…It’s fairly touching…But, you know, fraught with gunfire.

It looks like Blomkamp will be working on a number of new dark, entertaining science fiction movies, and while District 10 is one of these, 18 pages does not make a movie. The director is not only filled with new ideas that may not have even made the interview, but he is also emphatic about how little he wants to create movies with a single political message or allegory that can “change the world.” Given how clearly people have interpreted his two films so far, District 9 as an allegory for apartheid and Elysium as an allegory for the occupy movement, it’s likely Blomkamp will try to avoid such solid comparisons in the future. That could mean we will have to wait for the director to explore new routs in films like Chappie and Mild Oats before we see District 9 resurface as District 10.

(via Slash Film, Wired)

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